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Flashback: December 23rd, 2000

Publication Date: December 23rd, 2016

Series: Flashback Friday

Characters: Sporkman, Ariana

Today, we've gone back as far as we can possibly go (in December)! That's right, we're in THE YEAR 2000, which sounds like it's in the future, but it's actually IN THE PAST.

So, I was a cool 17 years old. Let's make a list of everything High School Jodie was incapable of:

1. Straight Lines.
2. Anatomy.
3. Backgrounds.
4. Lettering.
5. Saving Her Comics At A Higher Resolution.
6. Natural Sounding Dialog.

And this is just at a glance. Oh, and a BONUS ROUND of something High School Jodie couldn't even conceive of existing:

1. Gender Neutral Restrooms.

This is the first time I've drawn Ariana since she briefly reappeared in the chibi Sporkman comics of 2005, and the first time I've EVER drawn her in my regular art style. If she looks a little wonky, you'll forgive me. I didn't even practice her, I just went straight to the comic panel.

I hope you continue to enjoy this goofy segment, and happy holidays.

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