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Moxicity (1)

Publication Date: January 30, 2012

Series: Mary Elizabeth's Sock

Characters: Basil, Mary Elizabeth

Hi there! Welcome to Mary Elizabeth's Sock, my new webcomic that I can legitimately claim has been twelve years in the making.. I began drawing webcomics in January 2000, and it really feels like everything has been leading to this point. I honestly believe these strips will be the best comics I've ever written, and the best I've ever drawn. I hope you'll agree.

P.S.: when you're done with this webcomic archive, maybe you might be interested in Sporkman, a different webcomic archive I have that's mostly just silly gags? Or perhaps even Lit Brick, my comic strip about literature? Just food for thought.

Wanna read more of my comics? Lit Brick and Sporkman have big ol' archives just waiting for your binge!

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Troutopia is an anthology of comic strips by Jodie Troutman. Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair. For more information on her assorted projects, visit!

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