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Flashback: December 30th, 2001

Publication Date: December 30th, 2016

Series: Flashback Friday

Characters: Amanda

I love how weird these out-of-context panels are getting.

So, December 2001. I was very excited in December 2001. I was right into the first storyline of Basil Flint P.I., which I'd began after ending Sporkman 1.0. Flint was a marked improvement in every possible way, but I was still only 18 and had a long way to go before, y'know, goodness.

That said, you can actually see a pretty clear year of progress between the 2001 panel and the 2000 panel I posted last week. Man, comparing Flashback Friday panels to previous Flashback Friday panels. WE HAVE TO GO DEEPER. *Inception BWOOOOOM*

Anyway, the 2016 version does the usual Flashback Friday tricks: Competent lettering! Backgrounds! Amanda is pulling off her jacket like an actual human!

Next week, we'll be looking back at the past from 2017! That's exciting. I guess.

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