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Flashback: December 16th, 2004

Publication Date: December 16th, 2016

Series: Flashback Friday

Characters: Andie, Stacy

This one feels like a bit of a lay-up, but it was still fun to draw, and I make the rules, so who cares. We have here an early Chibi Sporkman strip, rarely sans Sporkman. So, it was originally in black and white, and originally in an entirely other art style, so - like I said - a lay-up.

Stacy was once, in another time, a stooge like Andie at the SECRET EVIL ORGANIZATION. When I eventually had a Crisis on Infinite Troutcaves moment, she disappeared. I assume she still exists in the current timeline, she's just, like, a bartender or something. Good for her. I hope she makes great tips.

The original version of this strip is still, miraculously, on the Sporkman website, albeit as a colorized version from 2012.

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