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The Girl Who Fell To Earth (1)

Publication Date: November 4th, 2013

Series: The Gospel of Carol

Characters: Carol, Lorraine, God

"We recognize that all our mothers bear is us to pain and to dying. And what is that but our very Mother Jesus?" - A Book of Showings 60:2492-2493

Hello there!  Welcome to The Gospel of Carol.  This was originally a black and white comic book series.  I've been reformatting it into comic strips, my first artistic calling in life, because I think it reads better this way.  I'm also coloring it for the first time, among other surprises!  So this isn't just the comic book in strip form, it's a whole new thing.

Carol is drawn largely from the New Testament gospels and from a whole mess of apocryphal sources.  I'll try to note these sources where relevant.  I find Biblical literature absolutely fascinating, and drawing comics with stupid jokes is how I explore these obsessions in more detail.

It should be noted that the character of Carol originated as "She-Jesus" in my English Literature gag strip Lit Brick, from years ago.  Her appearances there are largely in a different form and of dubious canonicity, but feel free to explore that comic if you just really like English Literature and/or Pat Benatar.

Note! This storyline is currently unfinished in the comic archive, but should be uploaded soon.

Wanna read more of my comics? Lit Brick and Sporkman have big ol' archives just waiting for your binge!

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