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Flashback: December 2nd, 2008

Publication Date: December 2nd, 2016

Series: Flashback Friday

Characters: Sporkman, Nicholle

I decided to have some fun today, so I had a random number generator spit out a year between 2000 and 2012, and I redrew a panel from THE DISTANT PAST that I'd drawn on that date. And so we fall upon Sporkman, circa December 2nd, 2008. I actually had a choice between this and an old Flint strip and chose this. Look, I'm biased in favor of Sporkman, deal with it.

So, the idea of Flashback Friday is to reimagine the old panel with my current methodology. They won't necessariliy be strictly accurate recreations, but they'll be pretty close.

Reimagining the Sporkman of eight years ago is a pretty interesting contrast for a few reasons. First, Sporkman was still tall. The "chibi" art style I'd started drawing Sporkman comics in circa 2004 wasn't meant to imply that Sporkman was short: he was still the tallest character in the chibi-style strips. But, at a certain point, I decided that I could never draw Sporkman outside of his chibi form, because he wouldn't look right. Adorable lil' Sporkman felt like his natural form.

And so, when I'd draw Sporkman in my "real" art style, he stayed chibi, which meant he stayed small and everyone else towered over him. Poor dope.

Even in the chibi style strips AFTER that decision, Sporkman stayed short in comparison to the other characters. You can see this pretty clearly whenever he shows up in Lit Brick. He's just canonically tiny now, no matter what the art style is.

Second, as of the Sporkman comic book (which still, sadly, only has a single issue), I decided to abandon the chibi art style entirely, even for Sporkman's own stories. As such, and looping back around to the "reimagining" thing, Nicholle is in my "real" style, because that's how Sporkman stories get drawn now.

I'm not sure if anyone found any of that interesting, but I'm having fun. The complete original strip can be found on the Sporkman site.

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Wanna read more of my comics? Lit Brick and Sporkman have big ol' archives just waiting for your binge!

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