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The Girl Who Fell To Earth (4)

Publication Date: November 11th, 2013

Series: The Gospel of Carol

Characters: Joachim, Reubel

"As the great day of the Lord was drawing near and the children of Israel were bringing their offerings, however, Reubel stood in [Joachim's] way, saying, 'You cannot offer your gifts first because you have not conceived a child in Israel.'" - Infancy James 1:4-5

We should talk about the Infancy Gospel of James (or the Protoevangelium of James, which makes it sound like giant robots are involved).  Written in the 2nd Century (150 AD, more or less), making it contemporary with many canonical works, Infancy James covers the life of Mary, from her birth to the nativity.  It was denounced early on by the Pope, but remained highly influential, becoming the source for most Mary-related traditions.  Look, she was a popular character, and fans don't care if something is canonical or not if it fills a niche.

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